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Even with an odd design, this vacuum cleaner is really great for pet hair due to its crevice and pet hair tools which work together to remover pet hair embedded in hard to get at surfaces and objects.
All of this combined with its power, makes this vacuum cleaner one of the best and most convenient devices for removing pet hair.
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This vacuum comes with several specialized features for households with pets:
- A tangle-free brushroll in the main cleaner head that ensures you don't have to constantly clean it.
- A Febreze Odor Eliminating filter which leaves rooms smelling fresh.
- A sealed system to make sure the filtration does its job.
- A Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System for effective hands-free dust canister emptying.
- A turbo hand tool for removing pet hair from carpet and upholstery. pet hair vacuum cleaners for simultaneously removing both pet hair and pet odors.
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It can be difficult to nail down just one good vacuum for a variety of applications and when you want to find the best vacuum for pet hair, you may be confused about which machine will give the best performance. There really is nothing worse than finding that friends and family will not come to your home because they do not want to be covered in dog hair. The best way to tackle this problem is to clean the dog hair up on a regular basis. Dogs can be groomed regularly to remove excess hair, but dog hair always ends up on the floor and must be removed daily if it is excessive with the use of a vacuum.First and foremost, it doesn’t clog on long pet hair whether on the brush roll, hoses or dirt cups. Even some vacuum cleaners advertised for pet owners clog on long hair while easily picking up pet hair, dander and spilled pet food.When dog hair is not removed regularly it tends to be tracked around to other parts of the home. The search for a reliable vacuum for pet hair is something that many people tend to take quite seriously. Issues such as pet dander can make it difficult for those with serious allergies to handle having pets in the home, but when you have a good pet hair vacuum, it can help to reduce pet dander and keep the cat hair and dog hair under control. Hardwood floors and tile floors can gather hair and turn it into active tumbleweeds on the floor. We are reviewing six of what we think are the best vacuums for pet hair below.Our best advice for keeping your home hair-free is to vacuum often and brush your pet’s hair outside on a regular basis. By removing the loose hair from your pet before he comes inside, it will be less likely to collect in your rugs, draperies and furniture.

For the best pick-up of pet hair, adjust your Kirby vacuum cleaner so that it is raised three clicks from the floor. This provides the right combination of bristle agitation and airflow to remove pet hair.When it comes to buying a vacuum, research shows that some makes and models are simply better than others at cleaning up and removing pet hair from your living space. It is important to identify what you’re looking for in a vacuum’s features, and how those components accommodate your lifestyle. Let the team at All Ray’s help you determine the vacuum cleaner you need to effectively clean up after your pets.