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Vinyl Modular Pet Patio Door - Ideal Pet Products
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Our Patio Pet Door is custom built into your existing sliding glass door frame. We can also replace the frame if you prefer, but only the glass is required. These sliding glass pet doors, available in white or tan, feature Made-in-the-USA fusion-welded vinyl, dual pane tempered safety glass, and an Endura™ flap pet door. These make it the highest quality, best looking, and most energy efficient pet door on the market. Wonder if this pet door is right for your pet? Contact Advanced Window Products, and we'll answer any questions you have and give you a free, no-commitment pet door estimate.
The VPP Vinyl Patio Ideal Pet Door was designed to fit your vinyl sliding patio door with no fuss and make your life easier.
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Specially designed to fit your vinyl sliding patio door. The vinyl insulated patio pet door features the energy efficient double wall lexan multi-flex flap. How to measure for your custom dog door insert. Our pet doors slide into any brand and size of vinyl sliding glass patio doors.
Photo provided by FlickrThe VPP Vinyl Patio Ideal Pet Door was designed to fit your vinyl sliding patio door with no fuss and make your life easier.
Photo provided by FlickrThere is more standardization in the newer vinyl framed panel doors. Some patio pet doors are manufactured exclusively for this application.
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A pet door for vinyl sliding doors is usually thicker than a patio pet door made for aluminum sliders. If you have vinyl sliding doors you will get a better fitting pet door panel if you choose one that is made specifically for vinyl. At the same time pet doors for vinyl sliders are almost always designed for optimum energy efficiency with features such as dual pane glass. Hale's OMNI panels for vinyl sliders come in 11 different pet flap sizes - more sizes than any other brand. If you have a very tall or very short dog you will find the right size in Hale's OMNI lineup. All OMNI patio pet doors feature dual-pane glass. Ideal dual-pane insulated VIP vinyl patio pet doors are available in two different pet flap sizes that are very common so they may work for your dog. In addition, Ideal now has a vinyl patio pet door model with single pane glass and it is quite affordable. If you live in a region with a mild climate you should take a look at Ideal's single pane vinyl patio pet door. Our vinyl pet doors come in custom sizes and are specifically designed to fit any height vinyl sliding patio door track widths between 1-1/2” and 1-3/4”, which is what is common in most newer or remodeled homes. Many have been successfully installed alongside Pella and Andersen vinyl sliding patio doors, as well as other manufacturers.We offer the finest vinyl pet doors available. Your pet can safely step in and out whenever he or she wants to. Great for all pets from small cats to large dogs up to 80 pounds. The attractive white vinyl construction is sturdy and never needs to be painted. The doors fit snugly next to your vinyl sliding patio door and insulates better than metal framing. A: We also offer a wide variety of Patio Pet Doors™ for vinyl or aluminum sliding patio doors, in our most popular styles for dogs and cats in a variety of heights.