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The name of the darling's dog in Peter Pan was..
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There has been considerable confusion about what breed of dog Nana is. This is compounded by people getting confused about what breed of dog and his wife had.... because they had two. In the script for the play, Barrie specifies that Nana is a Newfoundland. (, the Barries' dog at that time, was a Newfoundland.) This is confirmed in the text of the novel . However, when Barrie first conceived Peter Pan, his dog was , a Saint Bernard. Porthos and Luath were superficially similar in appearance. In Disney's animated adaptation, Nana was clearly depicted as a Saint Bernard, and the dogs who played Nana in 's 2003 adaptation were also Saint Bernards.
What was the name of the dog in Peter Pan? Just Nana. Strange, right? 1 person found this useful. Edit. Share to: Jponbac Gunna. 284,961 Contributions.
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Mind you, this wasn't what Walt had originally wanted to do with the Darlings' dog. As you can see from these storyboard drawings from the version of Peter Pan that Walt Disney Animation Studios was going to produce in the late 1930s / early 1940s, Nana was not only supposed to join Wendy, Michael, John, Peter Pan & Tinker Bell on their journey to the second star on the right, but once they finally arrived in Never Land ... Characters of Peter Pan - Wikipedia
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Photo provided by FlickrJul 17, 2016 - The dog, Nana, who serves as nanny for the Darling children, has several sources
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