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Pet safe Wireless Pet Containment SystemDoes not come with collar.
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10% Off and FREE Shipping at provider of wireless dog products including Wireless Dog Fence, GPS Dog Collars, and Dog Training Collars. This video teaches customers how to train a dog with the PetSafe™ Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence. Wireless dog fence is a quick and easy way of containing a dog. Basically an instant wireless dog fence this wireless pet containment system is convenient and effective. This is a wireless dog fence system with a rechargeable battery and coverage up to 3/4 of an acre.
The PetSafe Wireless Fence collar is powered by this battery:
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The PetSafe 1/2 Acre Radius Wireless Pet Containment System is a great way to keep your pet secure in your yard. The circular boundary can be adjusted from 5 to 90 ft. in all directions from the indoor transmitter. Set up takes 1-2 hours. There are no trenches to dig or wires to bury. All you need is a standard outlet and you can have this portable system with you for trips to the cabin or RV camping. If your pet gets too close to the off limits area, he will receive a warning tone followed by an adjustable static correction to remind him to stay within his boundary. With just a few short training sessions, you will create a secure boundary for your pet to enjoy fresh air and exercise.. Lynn tells the story of her Chihuahua mix and how a PetSafe wireless fence kept her clever little dog safely away from nearby roads.
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The Petsafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence covers a circular area of up to 210 feet in diameter, providing a large, safe space for dogs 5 lbs. and over. It offers five adjustable levels of shocks for correction purposes, or an audible beep only. The collar is rechargeable, so negates the need to buy batteries on a regular basis.

The Wi-Fi Wire Free Dog Fence has a huge, circular range of up to 2.5 acres in diameter, so is well suited to users with a large garden or outdoor area. It comes with 50 training flags and a collar that has Comfort Contact points, intended to fit comfortably against the dog's neck. This wireless dog fence has multiple shock levels to choose from, as well as an audible warning tone. The kit comes with a single collar, but an additional collar is available so that two dog households can safely manage their
The PetSafe PIF00-13651 allows consumers to adjust the perimeter to any shape they want. This offering from PetSafe does not interfere with neighboring wireless pet boundaries or other wireless signals, making this a popular choice, particularly for those in built-up areas or who live in proximity to others who use wireless dog fencing. It covers up to half an acre, allowing dogs to roam safely in a large area.
Welcome to the best wireless dog fence reviews and guides on available online. I know just how unsettling it is when you can’t know if your dog is contained within its designated play area. All of our reviews of electric wireless fences for dogs have been written by people who have used the fencing in question. We do our best to cover both sides of the story: the good and the bad. We only review wireless dog fences made by two manufacturers: PetSafe and Havahart. While there are other manufacturer’s out there, we have found that these two offer the best value for your money, and the finest installation and dog training manual with the package.
Reviews about best wireless dog fence - PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence System PIF 300.
With the top of quality and super easy to install, PetSafe Containment System PIF 300 is the best choice for most dog owner. For more information, guide and full review of this product, you can visit our site:

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wireless dog fence reviewThere are however a few things which make a wireless fence a bad choice. For instance, keep in mind that wireless models can only cover circular areas; and while you can make this circle as big as 200 feet in diameter in the best models, you won’t be able to provide coverage for unusually-shaped areas, though it is possible to use more than one transmitter to help alleviate this problem. Additionally, wireless dog fences suffer from somewhat more boundary instabilities; where the average underground cable fence will usually have less than a 0.5 foot instability, it’s usually closer to 2 feet in the best wireless models (PetSafe, Havahart), and can go as high as 10 feet in lower quality models.